A Signal 30 is a Trooper’s radio call for help. It is only used when
he or she needs IMMEDIATE assistance in an emergency.

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The Signal 30 Benefit Fund is a federally registered 501C (3) charitable organization founded by the New York State Troopers PBA, the union representing all uniform New York State Troopers. As the only charity affiliated with the PBA, the mission of the Signal 30 Benefit Fund is to raise money for New York State Troopers and their families in extraordinary circumstances such as injuries, illness, loss and line of duty deaths. If you are interested in raising money to benefit the Signal 30 Benefit Fund by holding a fundraising event, selling t-shirts and memorabilia or doing any other special projects to benefit the charity, we require that you get advanced permission prior to using the Signal 30 Benefit Fund name and logo. We appreciate your interest in raising money for Signal 30, but must require prior approval before permitting any use of our name and logo to promote an outside fundraiser. For more information, please contact Susan Streb, Managing Director at 518-462-7448., ext. 1.